Three partner organizations, the International Dairy Federation (IDF), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the IFCN Dairy Research Network (IFCN) collaborated and undertook complementary approaches to map dairy feeding systems in the world.

This collaboration resulted in the publication “World Mapping of Animal Feeding Systems in the Dairy Sector”.

Gathering information from over 65 countries across 6 continents and from diverse production systems, it will serve as a valuable resource for dairy processors, animal feed professionals, dairy farmers and their advisers, as well as policy makers. This comprehensive review of the diversity of animal feeding systems can be used both to compare and improve feeding systems already in use.

AFS_Download Brochure Why this report is a source of reference

Animal feeding is the first step in the production of milk and therefore affects the rest of the production chain.

This mapping will provide a useful tool for projects aiming at reducing the carbon footprint of the dairy chain, looking at the impact of animal diets on milk composition and human health and nutrition, and also those influencing animal health and welfare, and productivity.